The Children of Success Academy Trust is committed to placing the Convention for the Rights of the Child at the heart of its ethos and values. All
children have the fundamental right to a high standard of education that meets their social, emotional, educational and cultural needs. (CRC articles 28 & 29)

At our schools, every child will benefit from teaching and learning of the highest quality. We expect teachers to enthuse, engage and motivate pupils so that they enjoy learning and make excellent progress in order to fulfil their potential. This policy sets out the criteria for effective teaching and learning.  The Board of Directors, head teachers, senior leadership teams and other key members of staff will monitor, evaluate and review teaching and learning, providing support where needed, to ensure that this high standard is met. This policy should be read in conjunction with all other school policies.


 To have consistently high expectations of all pupils achievement and attainment
 To ensure that all pupils benefit from teaching and learning of the highest standard
 To continuously improve the quality of teaching and learning to ensure progress and raise standards
 To have a consistent approach to monitoring, evaluating and reviewing teaching and learning that is carried out in partnership with all teaching staff
 To ensure all stakeholders have a clear understanding about our approach to teaching and learning Strategies


 High expectations and challenging learning opportunities are set for all pupils. knowledge, skills and understanding; a hook to motivate and engage pupils and will be based on real-life contexts and purpose for learning.
 Learning objectives and teaching strategies will be differentiated to match pupils’ abilities and provide opportunities for them to develop the skills
needed to learn for themselves.
 A high standard of behaviour is expected in all lessons, using Rights Respecting language to praise, recognise and reward pupils’ positive attitudes
towards learning.
 Appropriate teaching styles will be used to meet the needs of pupils with SEN
and disability.
 Success criteria will be created and shared with children so that they are clear about how to be successful in their learning
 Lessons will be pacey and time is used effectively to maximise teaching and learning for all groups of children.
 Resources will be used to enhance learning and classrooms are well organised, stimulating and exciting places for learning.
 Children will benefit from first-hand experiences, opportunities for investigation and problem solving, visits out into the environment, visitors and
other activities to inspire, motivate and enhance learning.
 Support staff will be used effectively and contribute positively to children’s learning so that pupil’s individual needs are met and they become confident, resilient learners
 Assessment of pupils’ work will take place continuously and ensures that pupils are given regular constructive feed-back on their progress and
standards, linked to the success criteria, and informs what they need to do next time to improve; in-line with the schools’ marking policy.
 Homework, through learning logs, is an extension of learning within school, extending and consolidating learning in a meaningful and engaging way.
 As ECAR schools we will use the Guided Reading structure to teach reading on a daily basis.
 Children are encouraged to work collaboratively and independently.
 They will work professionally and openly alongside their peers and any external colleagues.



 Are able to apply new knowledge, skills and understanding
 Are excited, motivated and ready to learn
 Are resilient and armed with the skills and techniques to try their very best
 Are independent and take active control and responsibility for their own learning choices
 Are reflective on their own learning and progress, identifying what they can do to help themselves improve
 Develop a lifelong love of learning
 Make outstanding personal progress
 Be well rounded Rights Respecting citizens with transferable skills for later life and for their future careers